Renewed Body Plan

It’s been a little over 1 year and 9 months since my last post on this list item, but I have just started a 3-month effort.

I’ve been conscripted into the Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Transformation (12WBT) program, which should help me eat healthier. Just before my conscription, I started going to yoga on Monday nights at the gym, so that’s (some of) the exercise covered. I’ve also scheduled a trip to the gym on Wednesday mornings, to run on the treadmill and/or do some weights.

That’s the plan, anyway. If I even partially stick to it, that would still be better than my current diet and exercise ‘plan’ which is: try not to eat too much junk food, and I should really find time to do some exercise.

The original goal of this list item still stands, so I measured my body fat percentage on the shiny, new (but cheap) scales at home: 19%, but I realised afterwards that I entered my height wrong. I’ve expressed doubts about these devices before, but it’s the easiest and cheapest way to roughly track my progress.

I also went to a local physiotherapist for a fancier body scan that built a 3d model and took lots of measurements: 18.8%. This doesn’t seem like a good measurement device either, as it tries to calculate body fat from body shape measurements, but they’re fairly confident about its results. It seems reliable for the other measurements, so I plan on redoing the scan at the end of the 12WBT program.

I’m surprised by those body fat measurements, as I haven’t been paying attention to my diet and I had barely exercised for months. We’ve been making a vague effort to eat less unhealthy food, but I don’t think that was very effective.

The main priority of this 3-month plan is to eat healthier, per the 12WBT recipes and meal plans, and to do yoga on Monday nights. Anything extra, like the planned Wednesday gym workout or adding Thursday night yoga, is a bonus. I hate pressure, as I wrote last time, and healthy eating supposedly accounts for the majority of weight-loss results. Thankfully, the recipes taste fantastic.

I think we have to measure ourselves every 4 or 6 weeks, so I will post updates on my progress then.

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