Rescheduling German Exams

It’s been a very long time since my last post on the German list item!

In the last few days before the exam, we became increasingly tired and sick due to lack of sleep, so we rescheduled the exam. Then rescheduled it again.

The latest sitting date is the 17th of December, and we were considering cancelling the exam for good… at least until I started writing this post.

We will give the studying another try and book the babysitter for the exam date. At this point, we will sit the exam even if we feel unprepared. Unless we’re sick or something.

Either way, I’m finding it a challenge to commit large amounts of time, motivation or brainpower to any non-business project. This may spell the end of the blog, or a much longer pause. Or maybe I need to attack list items that are more compatible with early parenthood and a growing business.

I will let you know how we go.

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