German A1 Exam – 12 days to go

It hasn’t been long since my last post, but there’s not long until the exam. Only 12 days now!

I’ve watched the example speaking section video on the Goethe Institut website, which helped me worry less. It’s always easier when I’m familiar with what will happen. This week, I plan to watch the video again with Katie.

We’ve begun preparing notes for the speaking section, using the three online sample exams as guides. Next we’ll prepare generic questions that we can use, just in case we come across something we weren’t expecting.

We have been progressing with the Assimil and Duolingo learning, and speaking more German to each other (when we’re not too tired!).

I also translated (with Google) the exam principles, topics and complete wordlist, so we’ll be going through that to fill in any knowledge gaps.

Another update next week!

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