Game Released!

I have now completed and released a graphical game! Check out the release post on my studio website for download links and other release information.

Since my last post on this item, the development of the game progressed fairly rapidly, thanks to the free version of Unity3D. Sounds, 3D models and animations were beyond my skills to create, but there were plenty of free or low-cost assets available.

Mostly it was great fun, but I got very irritable and frustrated a few times. This mostly occurred when I didn’t have enough spare time to meet my self-imposed deadline of a new beta version every weekend. If I didn’t have the baby deadline, I would have left it to one new version every second weekend, or made less progress with each new version.

I’ll release a few more levels and improvements to the game over the next month or two, so keep an eye on the game studio website for updates, if you’re interested. I also plan on releasing more games some time next year; more ‘Training for Aliens’ games and some completely different.

It was a lot of fun to put it together so quickly, and I’m happy to tick off another list item before the baby arrives.

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