Body On Hold

It’s been four months since my last body post, for reasons I outlined in another post.

There’s one major reason for the big gap that’s specific to this list item: guilt. I’ve felt guilty for not exercising and for letting my eating habits deteriorate.

Another more recent reason: We discovered that my wife is pregnant! She stopped strenuous exercise on doctor’s orders, and we both dropped the gym memberships to save money for the baby. I also joined in with her diet change (more carbs and dairy), which has bloated my belly up quite considerably.

I’m going to put this list item on hold, as I have too many other things to think about. For the benefit of my mood, I’ll still try to do plenty of walking, and I’ll gradually resume my healthy eating habits. I’ll also try to finish off the Handstand Push-ups list item before I lose my progress. I’ll post again if I make any major progress on the body, otherwise this list item is officially on hold for the next 9+ months.

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