Body at 6.5 months

This is earlier than planned in my last body post, but I think an update is necessary. I’ll keep it short, to compensate for the shorter time between posts.

The Warrior Dash has been rescheduled to June. The organisers offered a refund or automatic transfer to the new date; we chose the refund, and will choose another event to enter. It was annoying, as we were all looking forward to it, particularly doing it as a group. Oh well. When we find another event, I’ll mention it in a post.

I measured my body fat percentage at the gym today: 11.5%. I chose 12% as my goal because that is when the abdominal muscles become visible, but I can’t see them yet. I have to assume that the scales are wrong, or that I shouldn’t be measuring myself after a workout. Either way, I don’t have the muscle tone I was aiming for, so this goal hasn’t been achieved yet. Next time I go to the gym (Tuesday?), I’ll try the scales before and after my workout, then do another quick post.

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