Artificial Intelligence sub-list

There are so many things I want to do/create/re-create related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), that I thought it best to make a sub-list under the main AI list item.

Why AI? I find it fascinating. For years, I’ve watched it on television and in movies, played alongside/against it in video games, and read about it in books. AI should be a fun intellectual challenge and it will probably be used in the future ‘make a robot’ list item.

For further detail, see the linked posts in the sub-list below:

  1. AIPA: A program that responds to voice commands.
  2. AIPA 2: Add confirmations and tidy up the code.
  3. AIPA 3: Connect to and interact with a MySQL database.
  4. AIPA 4: Shopping List module.

Sub-items to do in future:

  • AIPA: Add additional commands.
  • Create a conversational AI that can (almost) pass the Turing Test.
  • Create an artificial personality, as near human as possible.
  • Combine all the above projects into the one AI.


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