Body at Six Months

It’s time for another update, as promised in my last post.

My body fat percentage is now 14.2%, approximately. I’m very happy that it’s still going in the right direction and that I’m close to my goal.

Compared to previous years, I was very healthy at the Christmas gatherings. I avoided the unhealthy snacks, except for a few lollies and chocolates. I ate plenty of salad, chicken and ham. I had a few carbs (potato salad, pasta salad, a bread roll, etc), but apparently my body needs some carbs for energy. I had some dessert, but a great deal less than I used to.

It was actually the week after Christmas week that my healthy eating plan suffered. I was on holiday for both weeks, and after Christmas my brain went into holiday mode. I didn’t plan meals and snacks very well, probably in order to avoid the ‘work’ of shopping while on holiday, so when I was hungry there was not enough (good) food in the house. As a result, there were too many trips to fast food restaurants, though I picked the healthiest one with a drive-through and tried to choose the healthiest meal there.

I’ve been back at work for the last week and the healthy eating is back on track. We’ve found a good protein powder and I’ve been drinking more water.

I have been to the gym once every two to three days, on average. I’ve increased the weight on all exercises often, but need to do more cardio exercise. On that note, I’ve signed up to do the Warrior Dash with Katie and a few family members. The Warrior Dash is a 5km (approx) trail run with muddy obstacles, held four weeks from today. I plan to spend time over the next four weeks building up my running stamina.

I haven’t booked an appointment for a new gym program. I’ve been making up my own workouts, based on the major muscle groups covered in my previous programmes, and that seems to be going well. I’ll resume rockclimbing on a reasonably regular basis, which should be fun.

Apart from my post-Christmas lapse, I’m happy with the results so far and the effort it’s taken. Eating healthy and exercising regularly has become a habit, which makes it easier.

I’ll post another update after the Warrior Dash.

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