Body before Christmas

I’ve just passed the five-month mark on this list item. This post is less than the promised six weeks since my last post, for reasons I’ll discuss below.

Since then, I successfully climbed a rope (a few times!) and have continued rockclimbing and going to the gym during my wife’s personal training sessions. We also moved our barbell, dumbells, and weights out of the garage. Yesterday, I dusted them off (literally), then did a light shoulders and upper body workout for the Handstand Pushups list item. That list item should help keep me exercising, if my motivation for rockclimbing ever runs out.

The reason for the earlier-than-promised posting is that I measured my body fat percentage today, before all the Christmas feasting at family gatherings over the next week.

My body fat percentage came to 15.3%! I’m very happy with that progress in the last three weeks. It’s especially awesome because I’ve been eating and exercising fairly well, and have made these changes without struggle or feeling deprived.

The only bad news to report is that I took a bit of skin off my left leg, just above the ankle, when attempting to slide down the rope this past Saturday. It’s healing well, but in the meantime I need to restrict the range of movement in that ankle. It was no problem when rockclimbing on Wednesday night, but I couldn’t run at the gym today and I occasionally hobble when I first start walking.

I’ll post my next update in three weeks, as originally scheduled, with an update on my body fat percentage and how I fared against the Christmas food.

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