Rope Climb Completed

Since my last post on this list item, I bought a rope via eBay from the very quick and friendly Sydney Rope Supplies and climbed it.

The rope is 16 metres long, so that it would be able to go over a high branch and reach the ground for anchoring by an innocent bystander. The rope is 40mm thick, which is wide enough for climbing. Importantly, it’s made from polypropylene, which is much easier on the hands than the sisal rope I climbed in my last post.

Dad’s parent’s place provided the tree branches needed. We had a bit of trouble throwing the rope over a branch. The solution was to throw over a thin rope, then use it to pull the climbing rope over the branch. Thanks go to my brother-in-law for his knots, which kept the rope very secure.

The first rope climb was about 4-5 metres high. I tried the first foot method in this helpful video:

My shoes had an artistic curve shape so that the rope went straight through. On the second attempt, I used the second method:

  1. Start with the rope falling down next to the left leg.
  2. Raise the left knee up.
  3. Use the right foot to scoop the rope under, around and over the left foot and stand on it with the right foot.

I found this very secure, enabling me to stand up and reach higher with my arms. The only upper body strength required was to hold myself while I raised my legs. A few sets of leg and arm shuffles and I was at the top.

It was actually harder getting down. I couldn’t quite get the rope to slip SLOWLY through my feet, so I basically reversed my technique and climbed down the rope. I climbed it a second time without much difficulty, and again climbed down.

We moved the rope to a higher branch in another tree, so the climb was about 7 metres high. I got almost to the top, but worried I wouldn’t be able to get down safely. Katie and Dad then climbed the rope to the top without too much trouble, so I had to retry.

After a little resting, both Dad and I climbed to the top again and had photos taken. Here’s me before the climb:

6 Before the rope climb

And here’s me at the top:

6 Top of Rope

I made it to the top, so I consider this list item complete!

I’ll possibly climb the rope again, some other day. I’ll continue to work on my upper body strength at the gym, rockclimbing and for other list items, so next time I might be able to climb without using my legs! On my second attempt, I climbed a little without my legs (before I started worrying about falling and started using my legs), so I may not be far off.

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