Body at 4-and-a-half months

Since my last post, I’ve been rockclimbing lots and occasionally going to the gym. On average, I’ve probably done just over one good workout per week.

My gym program involved supersets, which means I have to somehow get access to two sets of machines or benches at the same time. This rarely happened, so I did the exercises  one at a time with higher weights and lower reps. I’m fairly happy with this, as I noticed fairly fast week-to-week strength improvements and my recovery time shortened as well.

This progress is probably due to rockclimbing. I love rockclimbing, mostly the (overhang!) bouldering walls rather than the vertical, harnessed walls. I feel like I’m using my muscles a lot more and I push myself harder due to the challenge. I recently completed a different list item by successfly climbing an overhang wall for the first time, and have been happily trying harder walls since.

My eating habits continue to gradually improve, with the occasional chocolate binge.

At the gym tonight, I took my body fat percentage reading: 16.8%! I’m pretty happy with the change in only six weeks.

The plan from here is to continue the rockclimbing obsession and also focus on the Rope Climbing list item. I’ll keep working out at the gym when my wife has her Personal Training sessions; regular exercise seems to improve my mood as well as my body.

In six weeks, I’ll get another set of measurements done and post an update.

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