Rockclimbing Deadline Set

I’ve been to indoor rockclimbing twice since my last post, once at each centre.

The first of the two trips was to Villawood, two or three weeks ago. I climbed to the top of a 25-to-35-degree overhang bouldering wall, the run ending with the handhold in the top left surrounded by white tape:

5 Push Through

That isn’t me in the picture, but it was too busy to get a clear picture of the wall. While this isn’t the horizontal I’m aiming for, I pushed way past the point where I thought my hands and arms would fail. It’s great knowing that I’m strong enough to go further than I thought. It really brought the goal closer.

My latest trip was the Saturday just past, to the Wetherill Park centre. The centre staff had just updated the handholds in the cave overhang area of the bouldering wall, and the handholds will stay that way for about six weeks. That’s my deadline. It lines up fairly well with the date for my next gym measurements. The run is green and starts in the bottom right of the photo:

5 Target Climb

It satisfies the criteria for this list item, so I spent most of the visit working on it and taking rests. On my first attempts, I didn’t get very far through the horizontal section. I just didn’t seem to have the arm strength and my legs weren’t doing that well, either. I could get to the end of the horizontal section if I fell off part-way then continued from that spot.

Then I tried the rest of the climb, from the end of the horizontal section to the top of the wall. It was much easier and only took a couple of attempts. So that means I could do the run in three sections.

Next, I managed to get through from the start to the end of the horizontal section all in one go, which means I can do the run in two sections. Hurrah! Now all I had to do was put it together, right?

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen on this visit. I could do the two sections, but I didn’t have the stamina to get past the end of the horizontal section in the one go. Then, as my muscles got sore and my hands became raw, I was able to do less and less of the run. I kept pushing and pushing, since what didn’t kill me would make me stronger for the next visit. Eventually, I asked how often the handholds were changed, discovered my deadline, then we left. Here’s what my hands looked like:

5 Hands

My muscles in my upper back, shoulders, forearms and hands are a little tender and stiff, but much less than the last two days. Also a little better are my calf muscles, which I used trying to grip with my feet. I thankfully have no blisters so far, though there are a couple of spots where the skin was a little grazed.

My plan is to go every weekend until I get this run and tick off this list item. If we’re too busy on a weekend, I’ll organise for a weeknight trip to make up for it. Hopefully my muscles (and the skin on my hands!) recover enough between sessions!

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