Overhang Rockclimb Completed

After writing my last post on this list item, I was so keen to finish it by the deadline that we went tonight after dinner. The centre wasn’t very busy and I attempted the green overhang first.

On my first attempt, I let go fairly early. Then on my second attempt, I did the whole thing! Once I got past the horizontal section, the rest was easy to push myself to do. The key was partly better footholds, but mostly recharged strength.

After I did the overhang, I tried one or two other climbs that were too difficult for me on previous visits. On one I got further than before, but didn’t have the finger strength/stamina (or footholds) to continue past that point. The green wall with the small corner overhang, mentioned in a previous post, was difficult but I made it. I somehow managed to recover enough finger strength to enjoy a few more bouldering runs on other walls.

My muscles were almost completely recovered earlier today and now they feel quite sore! My hands are raw again, so I’m off to moisturise after this post.

I’m pretty happy with my body and particularly how I push myself further than I used to. I’ll probably continue to go rockclimbing on weeknights rather than weekends, and I’ll try more and more difficult climbs.

This list item is complete!

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