Three Month Measurement

It’s been a while since my last post on this list item. On average, I’ve been going rockclimbing once a fortnight and the gym once a fortnight. I figured it was time to get measured and get a new gym program drawn up.

Earlier tonight, I had the measurement. I was expecting that my measurements would have deteriorated, because of the almost four weeks without going to the gym in the middle of the last three months. On the other hand, I felt like I’ve made quite a lot of progress in the last four weeks, due to the rockclimbing and increasing the weights for my gym exercises.

My measurements were almost exactly the same as my first measurement one month ago. I managed to maintain my body fat at 18.5% and put on a little muscle on my upper arms.

I’m fairly pleased with this; until the last month, I wasn’t putting any hard effort into eating healthy and I wasn’t very dedicated at the gym. I’ve been gradually choosing healthier eating habits, and they’re so far staying permanent apart from the occasional extended dessert. I need to keep this up and put more effort into the gym, both of which should be easier now summer is here. I’m also going to try rockclimbing on a weeknight, as our weekends tend to get pretty busy quickly.

Tomorrow night, an instructor will take me through my new gym program that covers the next weeks. In late November, I’ll get a new set of measurements and post another update.

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