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Since my last stopmotion post over a month ago, I’ve been thinking about the film. Some of the original ideas will be too difficult or time-consuming to shoot. I’ve made a few adjustments to the original plan, starting with fewer wide shots. This will cut down on the amount of movement and scenery I need to look after.

I’m also going to do less shots of the whole spider, instead focusing more on the individual characters and having just a part of the spider in the shot. This is a little more like old monster movies, given their special effects abilities and budget.

The thought occured to have little mini-scenes of up to 20 seconds long, which will be easier to shoot across multiple sessions. The ideas so far:

1. Bride going in/out of house, accompanied by husband (or father, whatever). Husband snatched by spider from above, then his torso/legs dropped down into the shot. Bride screams.

2. Police car driving crazy, bike going other way. Drives past someone reading newspaper on bench, who leans to the side in the wake of the police car. Person puts paper down, its Frankenstein, who then gets up and walks in direction police came from.

3. Man wheeling a box past a girl on bench. Characters see the offscreen spider. Girl screaming and pointing, man jumps in fright and turns cart and tries to run with it. Spider leg steps on man, cart falls, girl faints.

4. Partly-obscured spider moving across rooftops, car pulls up in front of camera. Policeman gets out, takes up position next to the car and fires at the spider. Spider flinches, then kicks policeman off screen. New angle: policeman landing in/on a different house.

A few more mini-sections like the above and I’ll have a film of a decent length, without having to do something horrifically complicated.

On that note, time to talk about my motivation issues. I wasn’t sure whether to post about it, but there may be something valuable for me to learn from it, so here I go: I’ve been feeling like the film is an obligation, rather than something that I want to do.

Partly this is because of the complexity and effort required based on the original plans for the film. I was also feeling a bit low because I knew I wouldn’t have the skills (including set-building) to produce the masterpiece I saw in my mind. I’ve since reduced the complexity (see above) and that has helped both the overwhelm and the likelihood of a satisfactory outcome. I may also reduce the goal from ‘a five minute film’ to ‘a film at least one minute in length’.

Note to self: make sure your plans and goals are achievable! I suppose I could also enlist help where my skills are lacking, if it’s really important that things happen a certain way.

The other point to make is that I have been sick and really busy with work for the past few weeks. And I’m overdue for a holiday. Whenever this happens, my motivation tends to be lower in general and I do ‘instant gratification’ things to raise my mood, like eating junk food, eating out and playing computer games.

I’m getting well again and I’ve had a few days off work, so my motivation is increasing. Writing this post has also helped me remember why I’m doing it. I’m a little too busy over the coming weekend at a conference for work, but I will try to make some time on a weeknight or the following weekend.

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