Rope Climbing

The Goal

Climb a rope. I haven’t yet decided on the height, or whether it’s cheating to have (widely-spaced) knots in the rope.

Doing it without using my legs would be rather awesome, but I’m not sure I’ll get as strong as rope climbing competitors must be.


It’s a physical feat that I would like to be strong enough to accomplish. The variety probably helps with my Good Body list item, too.

Basically, the same reasons as for climbing an overhang wall.

Progress so far

There were a few (knotless) ropes at a park I went to 12-15 years ago, and I couldn’t get very far up those. I lacked the upper body strength to hold myself while I moved my legs up, and I didn’t know how to lock my legs together while I reached up.

My old technique: I would jump from the ground as high as I could, then hold on with my hands and thrash around ineffectually.

Today, while at a rockclimbing centre, I tried climbing a thick rope, knotted every 1 metre or so. I was surprised when I managed to get up to the fourth(?) knot; holding myself with my arms while I brought my feet up and locked them together just above a knot. Then I came down to put the harness on and didn’t have the upper body strength to get that high again!

I intend to go to this rockclimbing centre regularly, so I will post my progress based on the number of knots I manage to climb to.

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