Rockclimbing Alternative

Due to very bad weather forecasts (snow overnight, 30kmh+ winds), we cancelled the hike I mentioned in my last post.

Instead, we went indoor rockclimbing at a place I’ve never been before, where the walls are twice as high as I’ve previously climbed.

I really like rockclimbing and we all had lots of fun. My upper body put in a pretty good performance, and the biggest surprise was how far up the knotted rope I got. Apparently my arms are quite strong!

My fingers were the weak link. While bouldering and on some of the climbs, it was important to be able to hold myself onto the wall and my fingers tired long before my other muscles. I’m quite happy to do lots more rockclimbing to build up my finger strength, though. We’ll probably go again soon.

The good things about rockclimbing are that:

  • it’s a good workout,
  • it will help tone my muscles for the Good Body list item,
  • I can work on the Climb Overhang Wall list item,
  • I can work on the Climb Rope list item, and
  • it will hopefully help me get over a minor fear of heights I’ve picked up. Hurrah for adrenalin.

I’ll continue rockclimbing regularly, but I won’t post under this list item; it’s more relevant under the Climb Overhang Wall or Climb Rope list items.

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