Climb an Overhang Wall

The Goal

At an indoor rockclimbing centre, climb to the top of a wall that has an overhang section. The overhang section probably needs to be at least 2m to count, so my back is (almost) parallel to the ground for long enough to be a good achievement.


It looks really cool and it’s something I’ve never quite been able to do. I’d like to be strong enough to do it. Basically, the same reasons for why I want to climb a rope.

Progress so far

I’ve been to a few indoor rockclimbing centres over the years, mostly when I was younger. About 12-15 years ago, I went on Tuesday nights for a while.

I can usually get over one overhang corner, but the trouble usually is hanging on while I’m upside down (or almost upside down).

Today was the most recent progress: I went rockclimbing and navigated my way around a 30cm overhang. The wall was otherwise vertical, but getting around the last corner will be necessary in the final part of my eventual overhang climb.

I intend to go rockclimbing fairly regularly. Next time, I will pick a wall to use as a measure of my progress and use that to post updates.

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