Giant Stairway Challenge

Some progress since my last post: I completed the Giant Stairway Challenge on Sunday, and my calves haven’t yet forgiven me.

For those who are unaware, the Giant Stairway is approximately 850-900 stairs that lead from the Three Sisters at Katoomba down to the valley floor. There are various walking tracks around the area and the famous Scenic World, site of the steepest incline railway in the world.

The Giant Stairway Challenge started at Scenic World, went down the Ferber Steps, through the valley, then (after a short morning tea break) up the Giant Stairway for a stretching and collapse session. A walk through Katoomba brought us back to the cafe at Scenic World for lunch before heading home.

The start of the Giant Stairway:

2 GiantStairwayStart

This isn’t a ladder, it’s actually the stairs:

2 Stairs Ladder

Whenever the climb was getting too hard, there was the lovely view to admire:

2 TheView

View down through the stairs at one point:

2 ThroughStairs

The last few stairs, with appropriate ‘light at the end of the tunnel’:

2 LastClimb

That’s not my hand, in case you were wondering.

I’m surprised and pleased that I actually did the Challenge. Katie and I went with some terribly fit people who didn’t have as much trouble with it. Come to mention it, Katie did it a lot easier than me. I volunteered to carry the backpack so I’d have an excuse for my performance, but I think I did pretty well.

I rugged up, expecting lots of cold. By the end of the trek I was down to t-shirt and long gym pants, wishing I’d worn shorts. After the stretching at the top, I was glad for the warmer clothes, especially when the rain started misting down just near the finish line.

Next month’s challenge is the Devil’s Hole Trek, in the same area. It’s about double the length, I think. Looking forward to it!

Thanks to my sister for organising the Challenge. Thanks also to the two terribly fit people for keeping us company, and for the photos.

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