Skydive Booked

The Goal

Go skydiving.


Main reason: I’ve always been interested in flying, and skydiving is one of the three closest things to flying. The other two are hanggliding (which is on the list) and the closest in my mind is Wingsuit Flying. I need to be able to skydive solo before trying a wingsuit!

The other reason is that I think it will be exciting and freak me out a little. I am testing a theory, first encountered in The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, that it is more fulfilling to aim for ‘excitement’ rather than ‘happiness’. Also, I think it’s good for me to be spooked out of my comfort zone every now and then, for growth and to avoid getting stuck in boring routines.

If I don’t freak out too much, I may try to do a solo skydive before I consider this list item done.

Progress Today

Today I booked a tandem skydive for my birthday, Saturday the 25th of August. This was inspired by my brother-in-law who skydived on his August birthday. My birthday isn’t a particular milestone age, but it’s a good occasion to do something big (and expensive) like this.

My wife will also be doing a tandem skydive at the same time. We’re both getting videos taken of the experience and they’ll no doubt be hilarious and watched many times. I’m still debating whether to put my video up on the blog, or  have some photos with the face covered or something.

I’m not terribly nervous today, but that may be because I haven’t thought it’s really happening.

My next post on this topic will possibly be about my nerves before the skydive. Otherwise, wish me luck!

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