Set Experiment

Today, I started working on the set, the first step in my last post.

I unpacked the box of windows and doors (which needed assembly) and roof tiles. A warmup to the major construction effort later in the session.

Then I scribbled a brief map of the set, which consists of a road stretching away from the camera and a row of three houses on each side of the road. The spider will climb up from behind one of the last houses.

The first step is to work out the house sizes. Some ideas for this have been bouncing around my head for a few days, but today I actually wrote them down. I figured the height should be one or two bricks above the height of the doors, then add the roof tiles above that. The house should be a little wider than the door+gap+window. The depth should be approximately the same as the width, maybe a little less. This way, the house shouldn’t look like a cube, but shouldn’t use up too many bricks. Alas for a limited Lego supply!

Here’s the front and back shots of the first house attempt, with a member of the cast:

6 First House front
6 First House back

Credit goes to Katie for her design input and assembly help.

I might not need the back half of the house, depending on the final camera angles. Otherwise, I’ll have to get more Lego. A tragic situation, but somehow I think I’ll cope.

In my next session(s), I need to build five more houses and start experimenting with the layout of the set. Then I can do a mock movie poster shot with the spider on top of two houses, or something.

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