Stopmotion – Catchup Post

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time since my last post setting up this blog and uploading the posts/photos/videos.

I’ve also been accumulating more Lego:

4 MoarLoot

It’s been fun putting it together, and I was impressed with the simple engineering of that spider. The spider has a lot of moveable parts but most of the don’t move easily, which is great news for my plans to feature it in the next film.

Speaking of the next film, the other thing I’ve been doing is brainstorming and making notes for the next film. It will be longer and will require a decent-sized set. There will be multiple moving characters and I’ll need to work on the lighting

Oh yeah, and I’m borrowing a Canon EOS 1000D which should hopefully allow better quality films. I wanted to get the blog up to date before I tested it, and I’m worried that it might not work because it’s not on the list of Canon cameras on the Stop Motion Pro website. Hopefully all will be well when I test it out in my next session.

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